Comprehensive Examinations

During your initial visit with us we will perform a thorough examination which includes a detailed clinical and radiographic evaluation for cavities and defective restorations. Additionally, we make a full assessment of your periodontal (gum) status and provide a complete evaluation of your TMJ. We aslo provide annual Oral Cancer screenings for all of our patients.

Preventative Services

Regular check ups and cleanings are the corner stone of good oral health. Prevention is the key and detecting and treating problems at an early stage will save time, money, pain and possibly your teeth. Part of any routine visit with us may include updating your dental radiographs (x-rays) with our state of the art, low exposure digital system.These are an essential tool that provides us with critical information in the diagnosis of cavities, bone loss and other oral conditions and allow us to tailor a treatment plan specifically for you. Together we can determine how often we should see you for routine dental visits.