We believe the medical community has a responsibility to be environmentally conscious. In every aspect of our practice we strive to remember that every 'green' choice whether great or small can make a difference. We are proud of our progressive and creative efforts for the benifit of the environment. Our office reflects a deep committment to the planet without compromising your safety and comfort. Brown truly is Green!

Plastic! For your protection and safety, barriers are needed for each dental operatory. Traditionally this is accomplished using plastic coverings. We have chosen a different and environmentally friendly option. Cloth coverings for the chair, light and you!
The use of cloth instrument wraps for sterilization and cloth patient bibs at our office diverts an enormous quantity of plastic from landfills. With great success we have chosen a variety of materials and supplies that we can sterilize and reuse over and over again. Our reliance on any one time use plastic product is singnificantly reduced.

Paperless Office Going digital is the way of the future. Our dental software allows us to greatly reduce our reliance on paper in every aspect of patient care.

Digital X-rays Through the continuing advancement in radiation technology, we no longer need to use toxic chemicals and developers for our x-rays. Not only is the reduction in chemical use more gentle on the environment, digital radiography requires 75-90% less radiation exposure — and that’s good news for you!

Cleaning Supplies We use organic, biodegradeable products for our sterilization and disinfection needs. Our sterilization is steam based and does not require harmful chemicals.

Mercury We have a state of the art filtration system that allows for proper disposal of silver fillings and prevents pollution of our water systems.

Energy Our lighting system was designed and installed to follow the current standards for eco-friendly energy efficiency using low halogen bulbs.

Construction materials During the construction process we have chosen materials that are recycled and eco-friendly. Using bamboo and other sustainable products which have less impact on the planet was a no brainer! And you can breath easy knowing that all the paint used in our office contains no VOC’s.

Ecodentistry For more information on how we are trying to be “green” in all our practices, visit www.ecodentistry.org. Dr. Brown is a proud member of Ecodentistry.